Poke to the Max comes to South Seattle’s Hillman City!

I haven’t been this excited about a restaurant coming to South Seattle in a while. Besides pho, sushi is probably my other phovorite food. And this mostly likely is why my email address is phosushi@yahoo.com LOL. Poke and Hawaiian food will always have a special place in my stomach. I mean, heart.

Poke to the Max, the popular food truck that many have seen and visited around town has finally expanded its business – and today we’re happy the restaurant is chillaxin’ on Rainier Ave in South Seattle’s Hillman City, the neighborhood immediately south of Columbia City.

It seems the food scene in South Seattle is becoming more pholicious and interesting by the day. Besides the poke rice bowl, be sure to try the Spam musubi. The addition of fried eggs to this classic appetizer makes it even more photastic. 🙂

Today is the regular opening day of Poke to the Max. See you there soon!

Owner Max takes a quick photo break


Poke rice bowl with salad



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