Lao New Year Festival Saginaw, Texas 2016

Erythang’s bigger in Texas. Pho real. Phonally saw it with my own eyes – what an experience. For someone who loves phood and photos, the event in Saginaw would be hard to beat.

Glad I made it down to the Lone Star State for some Lao New Year celebrations a couple weeks ago. The festivities at the Lao Buddhist Temple was something else. TONS of people. Food everywhere with more fresh squeezed sugar cane stands than there are Starbucks in Seattle. Ok, that’s exaggerating – but you get the idea. $5 for these Texas size sugar cane treats. Oh man.

Besides sugar cane juice, there was also pho, guay jub, papaya salad, and everything else. Pho real. The crawfish. Man, HUGE crawfish on steroids. The list goes on and on as far as food goes.

Word has it the Tennessee and Louisian, and oh, also Fresno have huge Lao New Year celebrations. Might have to check out these other festivities in upcoming years, but I can’t imagine not returning to Texas again at some point. The Texas hospitality was photastic, by the way. Thank you, Texas, and see you again soon!

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