WTPHO Mission: Review Every Pho Restaurant in Seattle

I recent set a goal of reviewing all the pho restaurants in Seattle, including surrounding areas.

I recall reading an article in a local newspaper several years ago that stated Seattle has 45 restaurants with the word pho in the name. That was several years ago and we all know how much growth Seattle has experienced since, so who really knows how many pho exists today. By the way, I’ll also be reviewing restaurants without the word pho in the restaurant name, so imagine this will greatly increase the number pho restaurants.

Last week I reviewed my first pho restaurant, Pho Bac (there’s many locations, I reviewed the one on Rainier Ave). With my reviews, the main phocus will be he broth. I’ll touch on other things such as noodles, service, ambiance, etc., but for the most part my review will strictly be about the broth.

View my phorst pho review video in the link below and let me you know what you think. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it and would like to view more pho reviews and all things pho!

It’s been a while…

Hello photogs, phoodies, and ephoryone else. It’s been a while since the last post. Wtpho? How time flies – it’s already Spring. Hopefully you did the whole Spring Phorward thing and adjusted the time on all your watches.

I stopped by the ‘Boat of Saigon’ aka Pho Bizzle (ok, it’s actually Pho Bac) and divulged in a pholicious bowl of msg beef noodle soup today LOL. The weather has been rather crazy the last couple days, but at around noon today there was a sunbreak so I snapped some photos of the cherry blossoms on Jackson St. So beautifpho. I also snapped a photo inside the restaurant, as evidenced by one of the photos hehe.

One thing that’s a new addition to Seattle are the trains that run along Jackson Street all the way to Capitol Hill. The Link Light rail will also be going all the way to Capitol Hill and UW starting this coming Saturday. Big changes in public transportation are coming to this fast moving city. Cranes and construction cones galore in the Emerald City!

That’s all for now – buh bye! 🙂