Hello Vertical Videos! Pho Review EP3 – Pho So 1

If you can’t beat them, join them! 😁

Since most people today view videos on their mobile devices, vertical videos have become widely popular. Starting with this pho review, all my pho reviews will be filmed vertically. If you’re viewing on your mobile device on YouTube be sure to click on the little rectangular mobile phone icon on the lower right hand corner of your screen. Also, this review, as with all my pho reviews moving phorward, will be filmed and edited on my Samsung phone. Damn, I love technology and how times have changed.

By the way, catch me on IGTV and IG and @dr_wtpho!

Check out my review of Pho So 1 in Little Saigon below. These folks have been making pho since 1990. Good stuff!

WTPHO Shirts and Merchandise Coming Soon!

I’ve been doing some research into getting customized WTPHO shirts and other merchandise made and yesterday I visited a local print shop. I know that some folks out there have been asking for WTPHO shirts and hats. Thank you for your interest and know that WTPHO merch is on its way! 🤙

Here are a few phone photos I snapped during to my visit Gifted Customs print shop in Renton, WA.




WTPHO Mission: Review Every Pho Restaurant in Seattle

I recent set a goal of reviewing all the pho restaurants in Seattle, including surrounding areas.

I recall reading an article in a local newspaper several years ago that stated Seattle has 45 restaurants with the word pho in the name. That was several years ago and we all know how much growth Seattle has experienced since, so who really knows how many pho exists today. By the way, I’ll also be reviewing restaurants without the word pho in the restaurant name, so imagine this will greatly increase the number pho restaurants.

Last week I reviewed my first pho restaurant, Pho Bac (there’s many locations, I reviewed the one on Rainier Ave). With my reviews, the main phocus will be he broth. I’ll touch on other things such as noodles, service, ambiance, etc., but for the most part my review will strictly be about the broth.

View my phorst pho review video in the link below and let me you know what you think. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it and would like to view more pho reviews and all things pho!

Pho Aroma – WTPHO’s PHOctober’s Restaurant of the Month


Apparently Scott Dang and his phomily decided to go all out with Pholloween decorations at their pho restaurant, Pho Aroma, this year. The place is spider web inphosted (umm just made that up – infested LOL) and there’s smoke constantly blowing out from different corners of the place. There’s even a phogly pholying witch, complete with sound effects, that periodically hovers over tables, and spiders that descend from the ceiling and surprise you by tapping on your shoulder while you’re immersed in your pholicious bowl of pho. For these aforementioned reasons, I’m happy to announce that Pho Aroma has earned the title of WTPHO’s PHOctober’s Restaurant of the Month.

DSC02470 DSC02474 DSC02469 DSC02479

Pho Aroma is located on Delridge Way in West Seattle and Scott and his phomily have been boiling copious enormous sized pots of pho for it’s Delridge area neighbors and customers since 2010. Scott’s phomily has a lot of experience in the restaurant business; they had 27 years of experience working for a Vietnamese restaurant prior to them opening up their own pho joint. Scott comments that his pho business has been good, and he attributes Pho Aroma’s success to the fact that they take a lot of pride in the preparation of their broth.

Keep the stove burnin’ and keep up the good work, Pho Aroma! Congratulations and Happy PHOctober!