Hello Vertical Videos! Pho Review EP3 – Pho So 1

If you can’t beat them, join them! 😁

Since most people today view videos on their mobile devices, vertical videos have become widely popular. Starting with this pho review, all my pho reviews will be filmed vertically. If you’re viewing on your mobile device on YouTube be sure to click on the little rectangular mobile phone icon on the lower right hand corner of your screen. Also, this review, as with all my pho reviews moving phorward, will be filmed and edited on my Samsung phone. Damn, I love technology and how times have changed.

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Check out my review of Pho So 1 in Little Saigon below. These folks have been making pho since 1990. Good stuff!

WTPHO Shirts and Merchandise Coming Soon!

I’ve been doing some research into getting customized WTPHO shirts and other merchandise made and yesterday I visited a local print shop. I know that some folks out there have been asking for WTPHO shirts and hats. Thank you for your interest and know that WTPHO merch is on its way! 🤙

Here are a few phone photos I snapped during to my visit Gifted Customs print shop in Renton, WA.




WTPHO Mission: Review Every Pho Restaurant in Seattle

I recent set a goal of reviewing all the pho restaurants in Seattle, including surrounding areas.

I recall reading an article in a local newspaper several years ago that stated Seattle has 45 restaurants with the word pho in the name. That was several years ago and we all know how much growth Seattle has experienced since, so who really knows how many pho exists today. By the way, I’ll also be reviewing restaurants without the word pho in the restaurant name, so imagine this will greatly increase the number pho restaurants.

Last week I reviewed my first pho restaurant, Pho Bac (there’s many locations, I reviewed the one on Rainier Ave). With my reviews, the main phocus will be he broth. I’ll touch on other things such as noodles, service, ambiance, etc., but for the most part my review will strictly be about the broth.

View my phorst pho review video in the link below and let me you know what you think. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it and would like to view more pho reviews and all things pho!

Pho Bo – checking out all of Seattle’s pho restaurants

G for what? Gentrification? No! We shall not utter that controversial word in this neighborhood! G in this instance is simply for ‘good pho’. 🙂 I know, how corny haha.

This place was Skippers seafood restaurant back in the day; back when Columbia City had a True Value hardware store and a shoe repair shop. Then it was Pho Hoa for many years. The owner of Pho Hoa later decided to opt out of the Pho Hoa franchise and changed the name to Pho Rainier. For the last year or so, this prime real estate stand-alone building with ample parking across the street from the PCC and Columbia City Library is home to Pho Bo, one of two pho (Vietnamese) restaurants in Columbia City. While this place has a newish name, it’s menu remains mostly the same as it had been for over decade. At least this is true for their pho, as observed by my taste buds, anyway.

Pho Bo is straight phorward pho. That’s how I would describe it. It’s no frills, no gimmicks pho. You walk in, get greeted by a friendly server, sit down and enjoy some pho. When you look around the restaurant, you’ll notice that you’re surrounded by photastic Christmas. You see, it’s always the pholidays at Pho Bo. Security bars cover the windows to give it that vintage 80’s Columbia City look and feel, as well as to keep the folks at the Angeline apartments out. Haha jokes. 🙂

Pho Bo in Columbia City, which happens to be the neighborhood I live in, is the phorst of many Seattle pho restaurants that I will explore. While I’m conphodent that I’ve tried many if not most of Seattle’s pho restaurants, I’m sure there’s some pho shops out there that I’ve not heard of or tried. New ones pop up all the time in this pho and coffee shop saturated city we live in. Be sure to let me know if there’s a new pho joint that you know of, and I’ll check it out. And oh, should you check out Pho Bo be sure to ask for nuc beo (fatty, oily stock with onions) to compliment your pho. It’ll make the server smile and give you that nod of approval. 😉


Columbia City Library across the street from Pho Bo
Wonderpho Christmas decorations galore. Windows with bars to keep folks at the Angeline apartment out LOL.


One of my phovorite orders is pho tai bo vien – rare steak and meatballs
Nuc beo. You gotta get this and get pho certipho-ied! 🙂

It’s been a while…

Hello photogs, phoodies, and ephoryone else. It’s been a while since the last post. Wtpho? How time flies – it’s already Spring. Hopefully you did the whole Spring Phorward thing and adjusted the time on all your watches.

I stopped by the ‘Boat of Saigon’ aka Pho Bizzle (ok, it’s actually Pho Bac) and divulged in a pholicious bowl of msg beef noodle soup today LOL. The weather has been rather crazy the last couple days, but at around noon today there was a sunbreak so I snapped some photos of the cherry blossoms on Jackson St. So beautifpho. I also snapped a photo inside the restaurant, as evidenced by one of the photos hehe.

One thing that’s a new addition to Seattle are the trains that run along Jackson Street all the way to Capitol Hill. The Link Light rail will also be going all the way to Capitol Hill and UW starting this coming Saturday. Big changes in public transportation are coming to this fast moving city. Cranes and construction cones galore in the Emerald City!

That’s all for now – buh bye! 🙂

Phoscription Straight Outta Columbia City

Earlier today I headed to Columbia City to get my phoscription on, hoping to rid my body of the bug. Hiking Snow Lake and spending long days at Bumbershoot in changing weather this past Labor Day weekend wore me down. I’m just sayin’ LOL.

Pictured below is a bowl of pho dac biet (combination pho) at Pho Bo, formerly Pho Rainier, and Pho Hoa prior to that, on Rainier Ave in the heart of Columbia City. It is accompanied by some organic cotton candy grapes and beet mixed with blueberry smoothie (with coconut water) from the PCC across the road. For some reason I had envisioned this to be the phofect lunch ensemble to help with my scratchy throat and fatiqued immune system.

This was my second time eating at Pho Bo since they opened (a little less than a year ago, I believe), and so far I’ll go ahead and say that their pho is quite good. I’m not going to get into the particulars about the pho, but I’d dephonitely eat there again. Yummy broth and friendly service – Pho So seems to be a straight phorward pho shop, similar to the Pho Rainier they replaced.

The smoothie was pholicious. I had some for the first time when the PCC handed out samples at their grand opening a few months ago. I stumbled upon the cotton candy grapes a few days ago and was hooked. It’s amazing how much they taste july like cotton candy! Super sweet (and probably not so good for my throat haha) and it’s amazing how they came up with the pholavor hehe.

Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll shake this bug soon. I’m sure the pholicious meal I enjoyed a while ago will help; pho always does, it’s the phofect phoscription for days like today. :


WillkommenTPHO in Germany?!

There are two pho/Vietnamese restaurants in all of Germany. Haha jk there’s more than two. I’ve bee to just two in the one and a half weeks that I’ve been here. The first one was Vietnamese Du Du in Munich and the one was Vipho in Frankfurt.

The pho at Du Du came in a football (American football, not soccer football hehe) shaped bowl which I thought was cool. I have a photo of it on my phone and can send it to you if you’d like to see it. Du Du, the name cracks me up, and their pho was just so-so. I always want to say glowing things about the pho and food that I experience and photograph, but I also always want to be transparent. The honest truth is that the pho at Du Du was mediocre and nothing to write home about. And as for the service – I’m not going to get into that here but if you’ve been to this restaurant you can text me at 1-800-55W-THPO to discuss and share our experiences.

So the pho at Vipho… Ahh. I compare my experience there to an awesome movie with a horrible ending. Vipho is a trendy Vietnamese restaurant sitting alongside other nice businesses in a cute neighborhood. You see a bar as you enter and there’s paper cranes hanging from the ceiling and that sort of thing. The menu was was quite simple for pho; there’s just a few selections and the price for the beef pho that I ordered was $12.80. This is a little spendy compared to Seattle prices, however it did come with an “herb basket.” But wtpho is an herb basket you ask? Well it was simply bean sprouts, basil, etc… stuff that usually comes with phto in the US anyway.

So when the pho finally came out, the bowl was dry (without the broth). The server quickly poured the hot broth from the kettle into the bowl and the movie was only good up to up to this point. I then took the wooden spoon (oh so phancy) and tasted the broth and… was disappointed. It was the saltiest pho broth I had ever tasted. I’ve eaten a lot of pho, and I’m not exaggerating. THE saltiest – hands down. It was as if they simply cooked salt and water in their broth and poured it in my pho. I was discouraged by my pho experience in Frankfurt. However, I did enjoy my ambiance and the other customers looked like they enjoyed their bun and whatever else they were eating. WTFrankfurt?! 🙂

I actually had pho three times in Germany; the third time was my aunt’s homemade pho that she graciously cooked for me a few days ago. That was sublime, and I have a photo of that on my phone as well and can send that to you if you’d like.

As far as other food stuff goes, I’ve been eating well here – I always eat because… well, you’ve got to eat to stay alive, right? Hehe. I’ll further share with you that while we were in Berlin we decided to eat Korean food and checked out Kimchee Princes in a trendy part of town. There’s lots of trendy parts of town in cosmopolitan Berlin, as I would later find out. Anyway, the food was good at Kimchee Princess. We ordered two sets of the pork Korean BBQ. We really wanted to order pork and beef or a different meat but were told we couldn’t because any two or more order had to be of the same meat. I found this to be very phoscinating. Come to Seattle and I’ll take you to a place where you can have beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, etc. all on the same Korean grill.

My phovorite food experience thus far in Germany was at at Curry 36 in Berlin. Chopped up brats in curry sauce. It sounded nasty when I heard about it, but in reality it was pholicious. Also, I had built up such an appetite from all the walking around in the big city of Berlin.

Well, as far as traditional German food goes, it’s mostly about meat and potatoes LOL. I’ve enjoyed many of the dishes here though. I really enjoyed the pretzel lunch basket in Munich and the schnitzel there was lovely (I hear people using the word lovely here a lot hehe). Schnitzel phoshizzle LOL.

Will post non-food related photos later. Cheers!

_DSC4771 _DSC4773 _DSC4780 _DSC4782 _DSC4785 _DSC4791-2

Pholicious drinks at Vipho! Giner and orange = yummy!
Pholicious drinks at Vipho! Giner and orange = yummy!
Saltiest pho ever. Looks awesome, but was very disappointed by the pho at Vipho.
Saltiest pho ever. Looks awesome, but was very disappointed by the pho at Vipho.


Pretzel lunch basket was lovely
Pretzel lunch basket was lovely
Long lines as kebab place near Curry 36 - will have to try next time
Long lines as kebab place near Curry 36 – will have to try next time

_DSC5136 _DSC5141 _DSC5143

The red stuff is curry - I thought it was ketchup but it was curry
The red stuff is curry – I thought it was ketchup but it was curry


Only one type of meat can be ordered, and the server tells you how to flip the pork.
Only one type of meat can be ordered, and the server tells you how to flip the pork.

Pho Aroma – WTPHO’s PHOctober’s Restaurant of the Month


Apparently Scott Dang and his phomily decided to go all out with Pholloween decorations at their pho restaurant, Pho Aroma, this year. The place is spider web inphosted (umm just made that up – infested LOL) and there’s smoke constantly blowing out from different corners of the place. There’s even a phogly pholying witch, complete with sound effects, that periodically hovers over tables, and spiders that descend from the ceiling and surprise you by tapping on your shoulder while you’re immersed in your pholicious bowl of pho. For these aforementioned reasons, I’m happy to announce that Pho Aroma has earned the title of WTPHO’s PHOctober’s Restaurant of the Month.

DSC02470 DSC02474 DSC02469 DSC02479

Pho Aroma is located on Delridge Way in West Seattle and Scott and his phomily have been boiling copious enormous sized pots of pho for it’s Delridge area neighbors and customers since 2010. Scott’s phomily has a lot of experience in the restaurant business; they had 27 years of experience working for a Vietnamese restaurant prior to them opening up their own pho joint. Scott comments that his pho business has been good, and he attributes Pho Aroma’s success to the fact that they take a lot of pride in the preparation of their broth.

Keep the stove burnin’ and keep up the good work, Pho Aroma! Congratulations and Happy PHOctober!

Pho Cake

Dr. Wtpho is o-pho-cially one year older. Time sure does pho-ly. 🙂

My birthday cake this year was the best cake I’ve ever had, thanks to creative hands behind it at Lisa B’s Sweet Shop in Centralia, WA. The white chocolate and strawberry pho cake was pholicious as well as beautiful. The attention to detail as well as the build quality of the care were superb. I received a lot of inquiries as to where the cake came from, so be sure to check out the business’ Facebook page to learn more and place your order for sweet edible art piece.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Pho Cake